PUBG MOBILE Season 3 Recap

PUBG MOBILE Season 3 Recap Details : 

Season 3 has ended and with it, another exhilarating period of PUBG MOBILE comes to an end. Here’s a look at some interesting info from the season:

  1. With a much smaller map size, your drop location can make all the difference on the newest map, Sanhok. In Season 3 of PUBG MOBILE, the top 3 most frequented landing spots were Boot Camp, Paradise Resort, Ruins
  2. The QBZ, an assault rifle type weapon exclusive to Sanhok was used to eliminate 825,336,302 players and win 942,686,219 chicken dinners
  3. The QBU, a DMR-type weapon exclusive to Sanhok was used to neutralize 38,546,051 players and win 92,076,076 chicken dinners
  4. The flare gun is an extremely rare weapon to find during a game. When fired, it summons a custom airdrop which drops advanced weaponry, giving a tactical advantage to players during the game. In Season 3, more than 15,024,806 flare guns were fired
  5. The night-mode has been one of the most requested features for months, and its arrival heralded one of the most exciting PUBG MOBILE experiences. In season 3, 213,312,722 games were won during night mode
  6. Easily the most overlooked weapons in the vehicle used to quickly travel across the map. A constant fear of prone players, 121,036,593 players’ games were ended premature
  7. Every legendary PUBG MOBILE squad has a designated sniper, who covers the squad in long range warfare. With many players abandoning this for more close range combat, 29,366,593 players completed the sniper mastery achievement in Season 3
  8. There is always much debate around the ultimate weapon in PUBG Mobile. However, only the humble Frying Pan deserves a mention, and only due to its unique ability to deflect bullets. In Season 3, the Pan was used to eliminate 78,099,256 players