PUBG MOBILE teaming up with the Resident Evil 2

PUBG MOBILE teaming up with the Resident Evil 2 Details : 

PUBG MOBILE announced today a cross-branding cooperation with Capcom’s game Resident Evil 2. Rick Li, head of PUBG MOBILE developing team at Tencent Games Lightspeed Quantum Studio, teamed up with PUBG Corp. Mobile KR Publishing Director, Rafael Lim, and Capcom Resident Evil 2 ’s Producer Tsuyoshi Kanda to jointly announce the partnership between PUBG MOBILE and “Resident Evil 2” Launching in January 2019, “Resident Evil 2” will be available on multiple platforms, and is the latest work of “Resident Evil” Series. The masterpiece of survival horror game which has gained support from the passionate fan base across the globe, is now getting a rebirth as Resident Evil 2. From game system to the graphics and settings, all the parts have been polished and recrafted to perform as a contemporary 2019 game. The game welcomes newcomers of course, but more importantly, it is also waiting for those who are familiar with the original version to come back.

The world’s most popular mobile game is now teaming up with the Resident Evil 2. Let’s see what could we expect from the combination of these two super-IPs! Something is coming very soon and please look forward to it!

“We’re thrilled to enter this partnership with Capcom and their iconic Resident Evil game, and look forward to an exciting collaboration that will delight fans of both franchises. It will present a combination of the world’s most popular mobile game and a video game masterpiece that will be well worth the wait.” continued Vincent Wang.

Also, Brendan Greene, Creative Director, PUBG Corporation also showed up in PMSC Global Finals. “PUBG MOBILE has come so far over the past year and the level of passion for the game on mobile has truly blown me away!” said Brendan, “as you just saw, there are even bigger things coming. I can’t wait to see the incredible Capcom and Resident Evil partnership come to fruition in game. And big thanks to the Tencent team for helping make this a reality.”