What is flagship mobile ?

What is flagship mobile ? You can hear this word regularly,  in this article we discuss what is this Flagship? What is the difference between normal mobile phones & flagship mobile phones?  Most popular flagship devices are Apple, Samsung S series & Samsung Note Series, Oneplus , LG G Series , Mi Mix series Etc.. Recently Poco Also Joined In this club. Present some of the companies like Oneplus, Asus, Poco Offering Budget Flagship devices with Aggressive price tag.

What is flagship mobile

Generally, flagships are used in the wars, flagship leads all other ships during the war.

What is the relationship between Mobile to Flagship? Best mobile phone from the mobile company in that particular year is called a flagship mobile phone.

Generally, the mobile company released a lot of mobile phones per year .in which, the mobile company produced the best mobile phone in all aspects like a processor, ram, camera, design, build quality etc..   Some of the flagship mobiles listed below :


  •  I phone ( 4,5,5s,6,6s,se7,7s,8,8s,x, Xs ,Xs Max, Xs R  etc..)
  • Samsung  mobiles S series ( S7 ,S8,etc )  , Note series ( note 7 ,note 8, note 9 etc )
  • HTC ( M series )
  • Lg ( G series ,V series )
  • Google ( pixel 1 ,pixel 2 etc)
  • Oneplus (3,3t,5,5t,6,6t etc.)

Oneplus brings their Flagship devices with Aggressive Pricing. Samsung , Apple, Huawei Company’s Mainly focus on Innovation for their flagship smartphones.

If You Are Using Flagship Mobile Then Comment Below Which Flagship Mobile You Are Using.