OnePlus confirms highly anticipated OnePlus TV to be available on

OnePlus confirms highly anticipated OnePlus TV to be available on details :

OnePlus, a global smart device manufacturer confirmed that the highly anticipated OnePlus TV, which will be an India exclusive product, will be made available on The brand confirmed the launch of the OnePlus TV last week and has now made ‘Notify Me’ registrations available at its long-standing online sales partner,

‘Notify Me’ registrations are live at , Register now to get regular updates on OnePlus TV

The anticipated launch of the OnePlus TV has received huge interest from technology fans and with the new dedicated page on for OnePlus TV, users can subscribe to receive the latest updates on OnePlus’ first-ever TV up until launch and open sales.

Earlier this week, OnePlus confirmed the name and logo of the OnePlus TV and confirmed that it will be exclusively available in India. OnePlus is committed to the vision of a connected home environment. The company will continue to evolve the OnePlus TV, as well as the brand’s other mobile devices, to develop innovations that make sense for its users to always create the best experience possible. has had a committed and long-standing partnership with OnePlus since its inception in Dec 2014 in India. has successfully brought each flagship OnePlus smartphone device to Indian customers, with all its smartphones till date and now with its most anticipated device, the OnePlus TV. Click on ‘Notify Me’ at today to get regular alerts leading up to the launch and open sales!

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