Ottomate Smart Fan Launched in India

Ottomate Smart Fan Launched in India Details : 

Ottomate International, India’s home-grown smart and innovative consumer electronics brand, today showcased its first product – The Ottomate Smart Fans. Enabled by BLE 5.0 Mesh, these smart fans are operated through Ottomate Smart App, making it a smart, convenient and easy-to-use product. With a vision to reinvent the home and make it exciting and engaging, the brand is aimed to become a brand-of-choice for smart home appliances. Designed by Foley Designs, the Ottomate Smart Fans are elegant yet simple and functional, and are conceived and executed by Ottomate’s India-based R&D team.

Sharing his thoughts, Vishal Sehgal, Co-founder and CEO of Ottomate International said, “Technology is what technology does to everyday life. At Ottomate, we leverage cutting-edge technology to innovate and reinvent simple appliances like fans, lights etc., so that your life at home can be easier, better and more exciting. Our Ottomate Smart Fan range will be SMART, BEAUTIFUL and AFFORDABLE – making your home a more exciting and engaging place to live in” 

Powered by the latest Qualcomm’s BLE 5.0 chipset with CSR® Mesh, and with industry-grade digital temperature and humidity sensors, the Ottomate smart fan connects to your phone seamlessly, allowing you smooth and complete control at your fingertips. The Ottomate app (and the ‘Smart Mate’ remote which comes as a separate accessory) allows users to choose across manual mode and a range of very intuitive pre-set modes – namely Otto Mode, Breeze Mode, Turbo Mode and Master Switch. In the manual mode, users can set the fan to the exact speed they need (unlike the conventional fans which has only 5 speeds) using the MY AIR TECHNOLOGY of this innovative product. The OTTO mode is where the fan becomes truly autonomous, using its digital sensors to adjust the fan speed to the ambient room temperature and humidity. The BREEZE mode pre-set changes the fan speed cyclically to create a natural breeze effect, thus creating a pleasant outdoor vibe even while you sit indoors. The TURBO mode is for instances when even the max speed of the fan doesn’t feel enough, allowing the fan to surge 10% higher than the maximum, providing instant respite from extreme heat. Finally, the MASTER SWITCH is a one-touch way to switch off/on all the Ottomate connected devices making it super-convenient to control all devices together when you are leaving home.

Designed by Foley Designs, winner of many national and international awards, the look and feel of the Ottomate Smart Fan is unique, trendy and premium – and aimed at providing elegance to complement the interiors of a modern Indian households. With best-buy prices starting at just Rs 3999, the Ottomate Smart Fan is a mix of excellent design, affordable price and smart features that resonate well with the technologically advancing society.

Ottomate has already launched 100+ service centres which are up and running across the country, providing FREE home installation and feature demonstration to their customers. Conceptualized and executed in India, through its R&D centres in Bangalore and Hyderabad, Ottomate is committed to invest in making smart home appliances which are autonomous, connected and engaging. With its core values of Product First, Innovation Always and Relentless Execution, it aims to bring the best of technology and comfort to all homes.

About Ottomate: Ottomate International is a consumer electronics smart home solution brand aimed at reinventing the experience of living at home and making homes an exciting & engaging place to live in. Founded in 2017 by a group of technologists and industrialist, and now with over 200 enthusiastic employees on board, Ottomate is a young, dedicated and passionate company ready to make its mark in the growing smart home arena.